Gala Preview on 27.10. at 20.00 o’clock in the Radial System V Berlin
German theatrical release on 31.10.2013

Tanja - Life in Movement

Feature documentary by Sophie Hyde and Bryan Mason, 2011
79 min, Omu and English OF
Distribution in German speaking countries: Karin Kaper Film Berlin
Production: Closer Productions, Australia

A visually stunning and moving tribute to the German-born Tanja Liedtke. An internationally celebrated dancer and choreographer, she was only  29 years of age when she was appointed head of the famous Sydney Dance Company.

Her work was of incredible intensity, determined by her life of unconditional love to her partner Solon Ulbrich and her trust in a very young ensemble. Tanja Liedtke was known as a passionate artist - smart, crazy, funny, generous and cocky. Before she could move to Sydney, and the long-awaited new adventure, she died in a tragic car accident in 2007.

18 months after her death, her ensemble embarks upon a world tour with her works. All participants are confronted with their grief and the question of how to proceed in future without Tanja Liedtke.

The directors Sophie Hyde and Bryan Mason manage to capture this rollercoaster ride of emotions, from pain to sheer joie de vivre, sensitively. Early recordings from Tanja Liedtke’s private archive and excerpts from the major productions document her artistic work process.

At its core, Tanja - Life in Movement, is a film about the source and the fragility of human creativity.

An award-winning, moving film that was shown at major film festivals around the world.

Performed by:
Tanja Liedtke, Lloyd Newson, Garry Stewart, Kristina Chan, Paul White, Solon Ulbrich,
Anton, Julian Crotti, Amelia McQueen

Music: Dj TRiP, Jason Sweeney, Jules Maxwell

The Distributor thanks the Tanja Liedtke Foundation for support.

Comprehensive information on the life and work of Tanja Liedtke: